[AFRINIC-Announce] Launch of the “Mastering IPv6 Transition Techniques” e-course.

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Wed Oct 20 12:25:37 UTC 2021

 Dear Colleagues,

 AFRINIC is delighted to announce the launch of the “Mastering IPv6 Transition Techniques” e-course.

As you know by now, IPv4 and IPv6 are incompatible. However, both protocols need to co-exist as networks transition to IPv6, hence the need for IPv6 transition techniques.

 This course covers the three categories of IPv6 transition techniques; dual-stack, tunnelling and translation.

 By the end of the course, you should be able to:

   * Evaluate scenarios that necessitate the use of transition techniques

   * Identify the dual-stack, tunnelling and translation components

   * Demonstrate how dual-stack, tunnelling and  translation work

   * Configure and verify dual-stack

   * Configure and verify the specific tunnelling nd translation transition techniques

 You can register for the course here:
 https://academy.afrinic.net/courses/6trans <https://academy.afrinic.net/courses/6trans>

Capacity Building Team
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