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Dear colleagues,

The Call for papers for EAI AFRICOMM 2020 is currently open.

EAI AFRICOMM 2020 seeks high-quality papers reporting research results and/or experimental results on e-Infrastructures and e-Services for developing countries. The registration for co-authors and non-authors is free and submissions will be judged on their originality, significance, clarity, relevance, and technical correctness. Submissions should be in English, following the Springer formatting guidelines below. The registration for co-authors and non-authors is free.

EAI AFRICOMM 2020 welcomes contributions from among the following fields:

• Future Internet architectures and technologies

• Networking technologies for developing regions

• Internet measurement, analysis and modeling

• Wireless, mobile and ad hoc networks

• Delay and disruption tolerant networks

• Content delivery with P2P, CDN or ICN

• Network operations and management

• Social networks

• Network and cybersecurity

• Cloud Computing and Services

• Internet of Things

• Blockchain Technology and Applications

• Machine Learning and AI applications in networks

You are invited to submit your paper here: https://africommconference.org/ <https://africommconference.org/>

Submissions should be in English, following the Springer formatting guidelines. See: https://africommconference.org/submission/ <https://africommconference.org/submission/>

Read more at: https://africommconference.org/call-for-papers/ <https://africommconference.org/call-for-papers/>

The deadline for submission is 8 July 2020.



EAI AFRICOM 2020 will be an online event to be held on 3 and 4 December 2020 co-organised by AFRINIC and the Middlesex University.

EAI AFRICOMM 2020 is the 12th edition of the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI) International Conference on e-Infrastructure and e‐Services in Africa and is part of AFRINIC’s research collaboration programme.

The aim of this conference is bringing together international researchers, students, public officers, policy makers and practitioners in ICT to discuss issues and trends, recent research, innovation advances and on-the-field experiences related to e-Governance, e-Infrastructure, and e-Business with a focus on developing countries. These issues form the core of the meeting especially because deploying efficient and effective infrastructures and solutions – despite being a key enabler for the diffusion of ICT in developing countries – when limited resources are available is a challenging task.
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