[AFRINIC-announce] AGMM 2015 – Proxies & other information about your participation to the AGMM

Ernest ernest at afrinic.net
Sun May 31 17:02:54 UTC 2015

Dear All,

As we prepare for the 2015 AGMM, please take note of the following
vital information about your participation:

1. Board Election

Electronic Voting (available through MyAFRINIC) is currently
ongoing, and will end on 04 June at (1500UTC) 1600 local time in
Tunis. Voting on-site shall be held on the same date. Members (and
those carrying proxies) are requested to register to vote by
proceeding to the Carthage room in the Regency Hotel where AFRINIC
staff will assist them with voting registration. The Carthage room
shall be open 03 June 0800 – 1800 and 04 June 0800 – 1400 local
time. Ballots will be issued (starting 0900 on 04 June) only to
those that have registered on-site to vote.

2. Validation of Proxies

In line with the Board Election Process Guideline document, all
proxies need to be validated at least 48 hours before the AGMM. All
proxies must be submitted either by e-mail to
election-proxy at afrinic.net or to the AFRINIC staff in the Cathage
Room of the Regency Hotel, Tunis, by 2359 (local time in Tunis) of
01 June 2015.  The Secretariat (Meninx Room, Regency Hotel) is also
open to members or proxy holders that need to speak to an AFRINIC

3. Special Resolutions

a.	Voting: Voting (both paper and electronic) on a special
resolution will open as soon as possible after a decision is made by
the Chair during the AGMM. Electronic voting will close exactly 10
minutes after opening, while paper votes can be cast till voting
ends. The announcement to open the voting (both paper and
electronic) will be made by the Chair on the floor, and communicated
at once to remote participants through the chat room.

b.	Proxies: All proxies not generated electronically can be used for
voting on special resolutions unless the issuer has explicitly
indicated it otherwise. Electronically generated proxies for special
resolutions can also be generated through MyAFRINIC. Due to the
relatively short period in which this provision was made, proxies
generated electronically for special resolutions will be different
from those generated electronically for the Board election. The
current setup is such that two distinct proxy documents will be used
for both the Board Election and voting towards special resolutions

All proxies (pertaining to voting at both the Board Election and/or
on Special Resolutions) must be submitted either by email to
election-proxy at afrinic.net OR to AFRINIC staff in the Cathage
and/or Meninx Room (The Secretariat) at the Regency Hotel, Tunis, by
2359 on 01 June 2015, local time in Tunis. (The Carthage room shall
be open 03 June 0800 – 1800 and 04 June 0800 – 1400 local time).

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