[AFRINIC-announce] Opening of e-voting for the 2015 Board of Directors Elections

Ernest ernest at afrinic.net
Mon May 25 18:01:02 UTC 2015

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that electronic voting is now open for
the 2015 Board Election.  It is available to member organizations in
good standing (no outstanding payments), and only through the
member's MyAFRINIC profile/account.

Open Board seats this year (and respective candidates for those
seats) are:


Lucky Masilela
Mark Elkins
Michelle McCann
Mike Silber
Paulos Nyirenda

Badru Ntege
Abibu Rashid Ntagihiye


More information on the candidates can be found at:

Members who will not be able to attend and/or vote physically at the
AGMM in Tunis on 04th June 2015 can now vote online starting today,
25th May 2015 till 04th June 2015 15:00 UTC

Voting rights are automatically assigned to the "Administrative
Contact". The "Administrative Contact" can however manually assign
voting rights (from within MyAFRINIC) to any other contact. All
information pertaining to the election (as well as e-voting) and how
to participate can be found under the "Information" section of the
"Elections" tab at https://my.afrinic.net

Please check and confirm the accuracy of your contact details in
MyAFRINIC and update it if need be. All communications, electronic
ballots and proxies will be based on the details available in MyAFRINIC.

AFRINIC Elections Committee

AfriNIC - The internet numbers registry for Africa

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