[AFRINIC-announce] Google Conditional Hack

Neriah Sossou neriah at afrinic.net
Wed May 21 16:55:28 SAST 2014

Dear Colleagues,

On March 31st, we were advised that AFRINIC's website was probably hacked as several links on quite few pages showed ads of pharmacies selling viagra.

Further investigations revealed that our website was not in fact defaced but that we were victim of the Google Condition Hack.  As you may know, this hack is particularly insidious as the hacked code is not always visible to human eyes and is not picked up by regular browsers but instead by GoogleBot or crawlers.  It is therefore only seen via Google search engine listings of the website.

The correction process of the issue is quite arduous as it entails, in addition to sanitizing the website, involving Google's robots to re-crawl the website.

We have gone through those steps with mitigated success and have escalated the issue to Google's team.
We expect to hear from them quite shortly.

In our continuous effort to provide great services to the community, we commit to informing you as we seek to swiftly resolve this issue.  If you happen to come across pages on our website that display the add, please contact techops at afrinic.net

Best Regards,

Neriah Sossou
Head IT & Engineering, AFRINIC Ltd.
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