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Dear All,

To let you know that the call for volunteers/nominations to serve as
co-chair of the Policy Development Working Group is still open, and
the deadline is 20/May/2014 2000UTC (not 14th as had been previously


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Dear Colleagues,

We are seeking nominations for 1 Co-Chair of the Policy Development
Working Group (PDWG) for a 2-year term (June 2014 – June 2016).

Co-Chairs of the PDWG are volunteers selected by the community per
the current Policy Development Process (PDP) to carry out all
administrative functions of the Policy Development Working Group
(PDWG). Their responsibilities may include (but are not limited to)
the following:

1.  Chairing face-to-face policy meeting sessions and determining

2.  Preparing post-meeting policy reports to share with the community
    as appropriate.

3.  Preparing pre-meeting reports (usually mailing list discussion
    summaries) in preparation for face-to-face meetings.

4.  Advising the board about ratification of proposals that reached

5.  Evaluating emergencies that may necessitate varying the normal
    policy development process.

Nominated candidates must be from the AFRINIC community and cannot
be AFRINIC staff. Candidates can be nominated by anyone, but
excluding AFRINIC or other RIR staff, and must permanently reside in
a country within the AFRINIC service region.

To nominate yourself or a candidate of your choice, please send an
email to the Nominations Committee (nomcom2014 at afrinic.net) with the
following information:

a.      Information of the Nominee:
•       Full Name:
•       Organization name (or Affiliation):
•       Position:
•       E-mail address:
•       Postal/Physical address:
•       Phone number:
•       Country of residence:
•       Brief Bio with a highlight of how the Nominee intends to
        contribute to the PDWG in particular and the Region's Policy
        Development Process (PDP) in General (not more than 500 words):

b.      Information about the Nominator:

•       Full Name:
•       Organization:
•       E-mail address:
•       Motivation for nomination:

If self-nominated, please indicate "self" in section (b) above.

Please refer to the following for more information:

•       The PDWG Co-Chair election process:
        http://www.afrinic.net/elections/process/ep_pdwg.htm for more

•       The Policy Development Process:

The Deadline for nominations is Wednesday 14th May 2014 20:00 UTC.

Mark J Elkins - AFRINIC 2014 Nominations Committee Chair
mje at posix.co.za - nomcom2014 (at) afrinic.net
Tel: +27.128070590  Cell: +27.826010496

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