[AfriNIC-announce] Call for Local Hosts for 2010 IPv6 Training

Mukom Akong TAMON tamon at afrinic.net
Thu Dec 3 11:17:27 SAST 2009

Dear all,
  With your assistance, we were able to organise eight (8) workshops in 
2009 (including the workshop held in Dakar during AfriNIC 11). We were 
however unable to conduct planned trainings in Djibouti, Equatorial 
Guinea, Gambia and Mali and had to postpone a scheduled training in 
Gambia to 2010. We are therefore calling on your support once again for 
organizing training workshops in 2010. We intend to conduct training 
(LIR and IPv6) in the following countries:

South Africa
Sierra Leone
Equatorial Guinea
Central African Republic

We already have potential Local hosts for Gambia and Mali (more 
collaborators are still welcome).

As a local host for your country, your responsibilities shall be to:
1. Secure a venue for the training (AfriNIC will pay for it)
2. Provide broadband Internet access plus wireless connectivity in the 
training room for the duration of the training.
3. Provide multimedia projectors, white-board and white-board markers.
4. Assist with facilitating visas for trainers and locating suitable 
hotels for them.
5. Provide general logistical support to ensure smooth operation of the 
workshop (seek and negotiate vendors for basic services, provide interns 
to help with during the workshop).

Please indicate interest in hosting a training for your country by 
responding to this message.

Thank your for your kind cooperation.

Mukom Akong TAMON
AfriNIC Ltd | Phone: +230 466 6616   |   Fax: +230 466 6758

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