[AfriNIC-announce] AfriNIC Board Elections: Announcement of Candidates and Open Public Comments Period

Lillian O. Sharpley lillian at afrinic.net
Mon Apr 27 20:42:19 SAST 2009

Sent on behalf of the Nomination2009 Committee...

Dear Colleagues,

A while back you received a notice regarding the nomination period for The AfriNIC Board
of Directors elections for the following vacant seats:

Seat 3: The Southern African Region (Primary and Alternate) Mandate: 2009 to 2012
Seat 4: The Eastern African Region (Primary and Alternate) Mandate: 2009 to 2012

We are pleased to announce that six (6) nominations were received that qualify for this
election http://meeting.afrinic.net/afrinic-10/nominees09.htm

The nominees for the East African Region are:

Mr. John Walubengo 
Ms. Lillian Wambui Karanja

The nominees for the Southern African Region are:

Mr. Timothy Kasonde KASOLO 
Mr. Silvio Cabral Almada 
Dr. Paulos Nyirenda
Mr. Mark James ELKINS

The next step is the “Open Public Comments Period” which *ends on 17 May 6:00 PM GMT.*

To participate in this stage of the election process, please visit
where you can view the background information, photos, answers to key questions for each
of the candidates, and post/read comments for the respective candidates.

The actual elections will take place on 21 May 2009 during the AfriNIC-10 event which is
scheduled to take place from 10-21 May 2009, InterContinental Cairo, Citystars Hotel,
Cairo Egypt.

Please let your vote and participation count in this very important process. We greatly
appreciate your support!


AfriNIC Board Elections 2009 Nomination Committee

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