[AfriNIC-announce] [Fwd: AfriNIC to implement the next phase of the 4-byte AS Number policy,from 1/1/2009]

Ernest - (AfriNIC) ernest at afrinic.net
Mon Dec 22 11:52:01 SAST 2008

AfriNIC to implement the next phase of the 4-byte AS Number policy
from 1/1/2009:

The policy for assignment of AS Numbers in the region (Please see
http://www.afrinic.net/docs/policies/afpol-asn0604.htm) requires AfriNIC to
treat requests for AS Numbers w.e.f 01/01/2009 as follows:

      On 1 January 2009 the registry will process applications that
      specifically request 2-byte only AS Numbers and allocate such
      AS Numbers as requested by the applicant. In the absence of any
      specific request for a 2-byte only AS Number, a 4-byte only AS
      Number will be allocated by the registry.

We would therefore like to inform the community that from 01/01/2009,
unless a 2-byte AS Number has been explicitly requested, AfriNIC will be
assigning 4-byte AS Numbers to any organization requiring an AS Number.

It is important to check that your routers as well as those of your peers,
can understand 4-byte ASNs, as this is a relatively new implementation.

For more information about 4-byte AS Numbers, please see:


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