[AfriNIC-announce] Reminder: Call for Presentations for AfriNIC-9

Lillian O. Sharpley lillian at afrinic.net
Sat Oct 4 08:35:36 SAST 2008

Dear Colleagues, please be reminded that the "Call for Presentation" for the AfriNIC-9
Public Policy meeting, deadline is 10 Oct 2008.  The details regarding this and how to
submit your paper are below and can also be accesses at

Thank you and please contact me if you have questions.

Lillian Sharpley
Communications Area Mgr

Call for Presentations and Tutorials:

The next AfriNIC Meeting will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 22 to 28 November
2008. It is an open forum to discuss issues related to internet number resource
management within the AfriNIC service region.

The meeting will begin with a three-day IPv6 workshop, followed by a regional IPv6
conference where network operators will share their experiences on IPv6 deployment. The
meeting will also host a Policy Maker and Internet Governance in Africa conference,
followed by updates and experience sharing from members of the Community.

Please check the meeting agenda for more details and updates here.

We are looking for presentations of relevance from anyone. Tutorials are usually 2 to 4
hour workshops, while presentations may last between 10 and 30 minutes.

Presentations may cover the following topics:
•IPv6 deployment
•Mobile & IP

We would like to have as many practical, hands-on presentations as possible and they do
not have to be long.

If you would like to make a presentation or tutorial, please send your proposal to
meeting at afrinic.net  Your proposal should contain the following information: 

•Full Name
•Email Address
•Short biography
•Title of Talk
•A detailed abstract or outline describing the presentation
•Draft slides for the presentation (if ready/available)
•Length of talk (minutes/hours/days)
•Need (or not) for sponsorship or assistance to attend the meeting (travel and/or
accommodation, etc) 

The audience at AfriNIC meetings is mainly composed of technical network operators and
engineers with a wide range of experience levels from beginners to several years of

Presentations that contain any sort of marketing and commercial content are usually not
encouraged at such meetings. If you would like to make a presentation or tutorial,
please send your proposal to meeting at afrinic.net

<< Deadline for submitting proposal is 20 Oct 2008>>

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