[AfriNIC-announce] Live streaming of AfriNIC/AfNOG meetings

Hari Kurup kurup at afrinic.net
Tue Jun 3 02:53:05 SAST 2008

[Apologies for any duplicate posts]

Dear colleagues and members,

Joint conferences for AfriNIC-8, AfNOG-9 and INET Africa are being held
in Rabat, Morocco between 03-06 June 2008.

For the benefit of remote participants who wish to follow the
proceedings of the conferences, all sessions will be broadcast live and
an IM server will be available to post comments and/or queries.

Streams are delivered as 32Kb/s unicast-http-streamed mp3 audio, a
popular and relatively standard way to deliver internet radio. Most
platforms should have a client immediately available (windows media
player, quicktime, real, winamp, vlc, mplayer, zinf, etc.) capable of
playing back the stream.

The live audo stream will be available at the following URL (during
conference sessions):-


Instant Messaging (IM):
(a) those with jabber clients/software can join the meeting room,
afstars at conference.jabber.org . A list of jabber clients can be found at
(b) those without can send their comments and/or queries by email to
live-comments at afrinic.net

Streaming will begin at 0900hrs (GMT +1) on Tuesday 3rd June, 2008.

More information and detailed agenda of the conferences can be found at
the following URLs:-

AfNOG-9 Conference (June 3rd 2008)

AfriNIC-8 Public Policy meetings (June 4-5th 2008)

INET Africa Conference (June 6th 2008)

Kind Regards,
Meeting coordination Team.

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