[Afrispam-wg] paperwork

Jean Robert HOUNTOMEY hrobert at iservices.tg
Sat May 24 13:44:26 SAST 2008

>there is no way that we can be dealing with a problem that we have not in 
>fact defined.

You right but is there a workable definition? I don't think so.
You point it out. Lets avoid getting into trouble trying to find a 

Our goal in the WG is to identify issues and to point out directions.

May be the community will decide to work closely on some aspects or form 
other working
groups to look deeply in a direction

>I think that the most pertinent point is education and knowledge - of 
>........... Perhaps some guest speakers could be brought in to discuss some 
>advanced topics......AfriNIC regional meetings.

100% agreed. let's point it out and let people, orgs ... take the lead

> I.3. Challenges for users in Africa
> ----------------------------------
>Once again - I don't feel that these are uniquely African issues and I feel 
>that we need to be making an effort to share our knowledge to reduce the 
>effect on our users.

Do we have other challenges? Do you see anything else?

>You keep mentioning this issue of the RBL's. I highly doubt that we will 
>get any policy changes out of the RBL's or antispam vendors.

AfriNIC allocation policies are not the same as they are in other regions.
I think that they need to know and to adapt their filters. AfriNIC has 
smaller blocks.

> No - that is up to the individual operators to package with their 
> products. I don't think this wg has any place trying to do that.

you right this is not the goal of this WG. But do you agree that Operators 
need to do something about it?

> - Reinforce awareness and capacity building by
> - Training of ISP personnel in security and spam handling
>Once again the training thing - I would prefer to call it knowledge 
>sharing. There is no university degree that you can take in spam 
>prevention. People need to be coming together in their own regions and 
>discussing their experiences and sharing their solutions.

Ok let me say, Reinforce awarness and capacity building by knowledge 
sharing, training. ....
I agree with you their is no university degree but there are some basics, 
some bcp  network op can follow
and they need to know it.

> - Establishing Anti-spam Taskforce
Do do knowledge sharing, to collaborate.

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