[Afrispam-wg] paperwork

SM sm at resistor.net
Wed May 21 07:28:03 SAST 2008

Hi Graham,
At 15:38 20-05-2008, Graham Beneke wrote:
>To the contrary. While the exact definition of what is spam is 
>difficult and has been the source of major debate on many forums - 
>there is no way that we can be dealing with a problem that we have 
>not in fact defined.

The conventional wisdom has been to side step the question of coming 
up with technical definition.

>It is important to note that one mail may be spam to one person and 
>legitimate mail to another. This makes filtering spam more 
>complicated but broadly covers the needs in terms

Right, which is why we usually avoid getting into a definition.

>The harsh reality is that if IP's are being blacklisted then there 
>is spam originating from those IP's that is not being effectively 
>controlled and someone has to be taking responsibility for that. It 
>ultimately rests in the network operators hands to manage their 
>network and disconnect any users or systems that are abusing their resources.

That's not always true.  Collateral damage has been used as a tool to 
pressure providers.


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