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Graham Beneke graham-ml at apolix.co.za
Fri Dec 14 13:34:24 SAST 2007

Alain Patrick AINA wrote:
> The first thing to do for a WG, is to agree and adopt its charter. and then 
> move on based on goals and  milestones defined by the charter.
> and i can see that the proposed charter only has a global objective and not 
> specific tasks  and milestones

This list has been stagnant for a while now and I think we need to get 
the ball rolling on this again.

I would like to suggest some global objectives for the working group for 
us to look at so that we can define the scope of our activities:

Provide a unified platform for guiding the development of legal 
frameworks within the AfriNIC region for the control and prosecution of 
spam and related cyber crimes.
	The current legal framework within South Africa is considered by many 
to be ineffective against the spam problem and at this stage Africa as a 
whole accounts for a minuscule volume of spam sent. The Internet does 
not understand national borders and if the legal frameworks are in place 
to co-ordinate efforts across the region then we stand a much better 
chance of keeping the problem under control within the region.

Ensure the continued effectiveness of email as a communications tool 
across the region.
	Spam prevention techniques are making the delivery of mail ever more of 
an onerous job for mail administrators. We need to ensure that as the 
rest of the regions population gets exposed to the Internet that it 
remains the effective communication tool that it is now.

And finally - develop technological best practices and/or new 
technological tools that primarily aim to resolve problems specific to 
the Internet landscape in the region.
	The most obvious aspects that comes to mind is the problem of 
narrowband communications and the high costs of IP communications in the 
region when compared to the rest of the world.

This is a starting point and I would appreciate comments and additions 
to the above.


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