[AfrIPv6-Discuss] Business Case for Moving to IPV6

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Thu Feb 20 10:16:41 UTC 2020

On 19 Feb 2020, at 13:35, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ via AfrIPv6-Discuss

> Hi Collin,

> IPv4 addresses are no longer available. If you want to keep networks

> growing, you have basically two choices:

> Buy IPv4 addresses (that come in part from those that have already

> deployed IPv6) and maybe CGNs. This is a short-term solution. You will

> be behind the rest of the world.

> Deploy IPv6. This is the only long-term solution.


> So the business case is: Do you want to sustain your grow, and

> consequently the viability of your network or business?


to add to what jordi has just told you ..
how much do you think you are currently paying for an ip address, to be
able to provide your users with service (big hint: go do the math,
it’s necessary, and important). then, how much do you think you’ll
be paying in the future, once afrinic can no longer give you any more
address space?
you don’t need to guess an answer to the second part; here’s one
view: https://auctions.ipv4.global/prior-sales

now ask yourself, what’s going to be cheaper - consistently - for you?
feel free to look around and see what the other address brokers say.
i’m sure the numbers will be enlightening.

if you can’t see the business case here, then that is good news for
your competitors.


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