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AFRINIC Capacity building - Willy training at afrinic.net
Wed Jan 29 09:42:25 UTC 2020

Dear Community,

Africa now has only about 2 million IPv4 addresses. This is grossly
inadequate to support the over 500 million Africans who are still not
connected to the Internet. It is time for us to transition to IPv6.

We have so far trained more than 5,000 engineers from every country in
Africa. To further support operators beyond training, we created and
launched the world’s first Deployathon in 2018. (Click
<https://learn.afrinic.net/deployathon/?#lh2020afripv6> for more details
about deployathons). 

Last year, we helped engineers from 55 network operators to advance
their IPv6 deployments during our highly rated deployathons in
Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi and Blantyre (See detailed accomplishments
at https://learn.afrinic.net/deployathon
<https://learn.afrinic.net/deployathon/?#lh2020afripv6> ). This would
not have been possible without the support of local hosting partners. 

We are again inviting organisations in the AFRINIC Community to partner
with us to host an IPv6 Deployathon in 2020. Learn more and submit a
hosting proposal at https://learn.afrinic.net/deployathon

We look forward to partnering with you to ensure you have the capacity
to successfully advance IPv6 (and RPKI) deployment in your country.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 29 March 2020. For more
information and queries about Deployathons, please contact: do at afrinic.net 


Deployment Operationalisation Engineer - Capacity building department
t: +230 403 51 00 | f: +230 466 6758 | tt: @afrinic | w: www.afrinic.net

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