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Jasper Mangwana jmangwana at buse.ac.zw
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I agree with you Willy,

On issues of research and development in universities we seem to be lobbying a lot but the people in the organisation do not really understand and would not want to invest in it. I suggest we also provide a lot of research papers in this area so that we can be complemented by government efforts.

Ever since Zimbabwe provided the IPv6 roadmap, we have an estimate of 5/6 universities working on IPv6 now.


Kind Regards

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Hello over there,
I thought it might be useful to forward this discussion here.

P.S : I know we are talking to v6 aware people on this list but ... it's #v6launch today :) http://www.worldipv6launch.org/

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Le 06/06/2018 à 01:31, S Moonesamy a écrit :
> Hi Owen,
> At 02:15 PM 05-06-2018, Owen DeLong wrote:
>> OK, there's a difference in perspective about IPv6 being a 
>> replacement for IPv4 depending on the timeframe of your focus.
> There was a presentation at RIPE in which it was stated that the pace 
> of adoption of IPv6 in the Internet appears to have slowed down over 
> the past 9 months.  Was that taken into consideration for the timeframe?

Maybe it can be useful to readers to know which presentation you are talking about [1] .

I have appreciated Geoff's study but  from my point of view the way people in africa may use/manage IPv6 in 2 or 5 years is yet unknown because you don't have enough data (kudos to projects like WIDER) .

Generally you don't have unfortunately enough data coming from our continent; thus it's difficult to forecast exactly what can be the trend especially here.

I believe in Africa, a major player here is governements on contrary of other regions. You may like it or not in many countries, you can't organise a meeting without their agreement, you can't use freely the internet without their agreement,etc... (I'm not a fan of that issue by the way) If some african countries find in IPv6 a real need to go forward, the curve of adoption may jump drastically.

In addition, the second most important actor (again from my point of
view) is the universities. I really really hope those here working within this area will understand me. We [2] are doing our best here but it's a combination of people/organisation.

Of course I may be wrong but it's just a point of view :)

By the way, it's #v6launch today :) . Announce your v6 prefixes; it will not hurt you ;)

1. https://ripe76.ripe.net/presentations/9-2018-05-17-ipv6-reasons.pdf

2. AUF - DRACGL https://nda.manbene.net/index.php/s/kWfs21HEHWzIP3t

Willy Manga

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