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> > C'est la raison pour laquelle, ISOC-SN a décidé d'organiser en
> > collaboration avec Afrinic, un atelier dédié aux managers intitulé
> "*Driving
> > IPv6 in Senegal from Management", du 02 au 06 Mai 2018.*
> >
> > L'objectif est de sensibiliser les Managers des services de l'Etat, du
> > Régulateur, des Universités et surtout du Secteur privé
> D'un autre côté, les déploiements techniques n'ont pas forcément
> besoin de la participation des managers. Les techniciens peuvent
> activer IPv6 tout seuls. Si le manager est indifférent à cette
> question, il ne faut pas le considérer comme un obstacle.

In some cases, the manager doesn't care and the engineers can go ahead and
start some kind of IPv6 deployment. In my experience, the only kind of
engineers who tend to do this are IT manager types. And in almost all
cases, their 'deployments' are never company-wide (i.e. down to the
customer but rather pieces like "get a block", "announce it", "enable the
core" and they generally stop there.

When an engineer isn't at that level, they still need authorisation to

- effect changes on the network
- change a piece of equipment
- liaise with other teams or departments

it's not just money (to buy things, to get trained), it's also the time and
other priorities.

The survey we did last year ... "lack of management support" was by far the
number 1 challenge (or 'excuse' ) engineers identified.

I am yet to see any significant kind of deploymen that was

a) Led by an engineer who isn't 'mangement' type
b) Didn't get the full support of management

Sure we'll be tackling management training ...and we'll see if that's
indeed a challenge or an excuse.


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