[AfrIPv6-Discuss] Next generation MITnet

Willy MANGA willy.manga at auf.org
Thu Apr 20 09:47:22 UTC 2017

some of you may have noticed this statement [1] of someone from the MIT .
They plan to end their v6 deployment in 18 months if i'm right. That's a
very good move.

However the part of this statement I do not like is the fact they intent
to sell some of their v4 block (/9 ) . I'm wondering if it will not
cause more harm than benefits to v6 adoption.

It will nurture a market who will do its best to survive years after years.

Considering that, I think we have to be more cautious with the policies
we are currently writing. :)

1. https://gist.github.com/simonster/e22e50cd52b7dffcf5a4db2b8ea4cce0

Willy Ted MANGA
Responsable Technique Régional | DACGL

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