[afripv6-discuss] FYI: Xbox One and IPv6

Daniel Shaw daniel at afrinic.net
Tue Jul 1 09:13:29 SAST 2014

Hello all,

While not really Africa specific, an interesting fact about IPv6 adoption globally.
In case you didn't know, Microsoft's Xbox One not only supports native IPv6 fully, but prefers IPv6.

Microsoft have stated that the best Xbox One experience would be on a native IPv6 enabled connection.

Xbox's communicate to one another using p2p and with the Xbox One, will look for native Ipv6 first, then try Teredo, and only attempt to use plain old IPv4 if neither IPv6 nor Teredo are operable. [2]

So, if you thought big global players where not betting on IPv6, or you thought that those implementing IPv6 where doing so at ISP or enterprise level only, then think again!

- Daniel

[1] NANOG 59 presentation by Christopher Palmer of Microsoft, October 2013


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