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Date: Sat, May 17, 2014 at 8:53 AM
Subject: First ISP-hosted "transparent" test-IPv6.com mirror
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> TL:DR? “Thanks, Comcast!” and “Who’s Next?”
> The test-ipv6.com site started out 4 years ago, at a table in Seattle,
> after an IPv6 round table meeting hosted by Internet Society. John
> Brzozowski and myself were each trying to come up with a way to help
> end users figure out that their IPv6 internet was good or bad.
> Ultimately I kept plugging away at it, as John was distracted with
> some kind of broadband IPv6 rollout for his employer (Comcast). And
> the test-ipv6.com site went live about a month later, with
> solicitation to a few operations lists for feedback. All in all,
> pretty successful.
> I’ve had two concerns since deploying test-ipv6.com: one, how to
> scale; and two, how to ensure the user’s connectivity back to the
> service is awesome (or at least, not bad). John was thinking the same
> thing - worried about sending too many of his customers to my site,
> and crushing it in the process. Not good for either of us.
> Both of those are relatively easy to solve. Simply deploy tons of
> mirrors around the world, problem solved - if you have the cash and/or
> smart business plan to back it. I don’t monetize the site with
> advertising; nor do I charge fees. Nor do I have a crack CFO who can
> help me IPO, and make me rich in the process. I don’t really have the
> time or energy to solicit for corporate handouts. As it turns out, it
> appears that I’m bad when it comes to making money on this project. So
> any solution has to be cheap.
> Asking folks to run regional mirrors (such as “test-ipv6.cz” or
> “test-ipv6.co.za”) is great; it offers a community local resources
> that are more immune to global connectivity issues. However, people
> must explicitly decide to visit these mirrors; to chose the location
> they want to test from. Those regional mirrors are mostly light duty
> as a result. They are still invaluable - they provide the back end
> that the global connectivity test uses, for any IPv6-validated
> customer visiting any of the mirrors. With this global test, we
> effectively crowd source getting IPv6 peering problems fixed.
> John and I decided to take things a step further; something I’m happy
> to see finally make it across the finish line after a fair bit of
> upfront dev work.
> Comcast is now running two mirrors and preparing a third - which
> directly act as “test-ipv6.com”. Nothing changes for the user. John
> has to worry less about transient (and transit!) connectivity back to
> test-ipv6.com.
> This is done with a poor-man’s GSLB (Global Server Load Balancer).
> We’re using an in-house built DNS server that looks at the internet
> routing table to see what ISP the DNS queries come from. Based on the
> source BGP ASN, we can decide which ISP mirror gets the traffic. (PS:
> thanks to routeviews.org and everyone who feeds data to it; that stuff
> is great!)
> In the end: we both get to worry less about Comcast traffic volume to
> test-ipv6.com; as well as ensure a good user experience for the
> customers visiting.
> What’s next? That’s where you come in :-).
> If you’re ...
>  * working at a large ISP
>  * doing real IPv6 deployment
>  * or considering using “helpdesk.test-ipv6.com” with customers
> I’d love to help you set up a transparent mirror (acting as
> “test-ipv6.com”). For you, it means controlling the user experience
> using this site; as well as removing any capacity concerns. For me, it
> means the same thing. Win, win. More info at
> http://github.com/falling-sky/source/wiki/TransparentMirrors
> (http://tinyurl.com/m7nnhfn).
> If you want to help, or have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
> -jason
> (link for sharing, if you're inclined: http://test-ipv6.com/comcast.html)
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