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NATOU ondfabrice at yahoo.fr
Tue Jul 30 11:07:53 SAST 2013

i have problem with my new system because i changed it after our training.i used to have Windows.
i install Ubuntu 8.10 in my laptop but i can't activate my wlan.the wire is working very well.
this is the pilote which is in my latop:     
Broadcom Corporation BCM4401-B0
100Base-TX (rev 02) 
Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g
WLAN (rev 01)
Best Regard


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                  ntimfabrice at camnet.cm
                  ntimfabrice at gmail.fr

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Message: 1
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 10:00:16 GMT
From: airrs-report at afrinic.net
Subject: [afripv6-discuss] WEEKLY BGP REPORT FOR  AfriNIC v6 PREFIXES
To: afripv6-discuss at afrinic.net
Message-ID: <201307291000.r6TA0GUa031930 at airrs.afrinic.net>
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BGP Report for IP block : 2001:4200::/23 , 2C00::/12
DATE : 2013-07-29 

BGP Report Perspective :  AS6939
Number of routing entries :  13130

Allocation and whois data from RIRs statistics files and whois databases 
BGP data from : routeviews project (http://www.routeviews.org)

Number of prefixes allocated from 2001:4200::/23 :  142
Minimum allocation size from 2001:4200::/23 :  /48 
Minimum prefix size from 2001:4200::/23 in routing table :  /48

Number of prefixes allocated from 2C00::/12 :  224
Minimum allocation size from 2C00::/12 :  /48 
Minimum prefix size from 2C00::/12 in routing table :  /48

Percentage of IP address allocated from AfriNIC pool : 0.432566868613091 % 
Percentage of IP address from AfriNIC pool announced to Internet : 99.9575643931557 % 

Summary ( 2001:4200::/23 ) 

Prefixes allocated but not seen in the routing table
(Exact match and more specifics)
91 Prefixes
     2001:4238::/32  2001:4240::/32  2001:4250::/32  2001:4268::/32  2001:4270::/32  2001:4288::/32 

     2001:42b0::/32  2001:42d8::/32  2001:42e0::/32  2001:42f0::/32  2001:42f8::/32  2001:4318::/32 

     2001:4338::/32  2001:4358::/32  2001:4368::/32  2001:4378::/32  2001:4388::/32  2001:4398::/32 

     2001:43b0::/32  2001:43b8::/32  2001:43c0::/32  2001:43c8::/32  2001:43f0::/32  2001:43f8::/48 

     2001:43f8:50::/48  2001:43f8:60::/48  2001:43f8:90::/48  2001:43f8:a0::/48  2001:43f8:b0::/48  2001:43f8:c0::/48 

     2001:43f8:100::/48  2001:43f8:140::/48  2001:43f8:150::/48  2001:43f8:160::/48  2001:43f8:170::/48  2001:43f8:180::/48 

     2001:43f8:190::/48  2001:43f8:1a0::/48  2001:43f8:1c0::/48  2001:43f8:1d0::/48  2001:43f8:1e0::/48  2001:43f8:1f0::/47 

     2001:43f8:1f2::/48  2001:43f8:200::/48  2001:43f8:210::/48  2001:43f8:230::/48  2001:43f8:240::/48  2001:43f8:250::/48 

     2001:43f8:260::/48  2001:43f8:270::/48  2001:43f8:290::/48  2001:43f8:2a0::/48  2001:43f8:2b0::/48  2001:43f8:2e0::/48 

     2001:43f8:2f0::/48  2001:43f8:300::/48  2001:43f8:310::/48  2001:43f8:320::/48  2001:43f8:340::/48  2001:43f8:370::/48 

     2001:43f8:380::/48  2001:43f8:390::/48  2001:43f8:3a0::/48  2001:43f8:3b0::/48  2001:43f8:3c0::/48  2001:43f8:3d0::/48 

     2001:43f8:400::/40  2001:43f8:600::/44  2001:43f8:620::/48  2001:43f8:630::/48  2001:43f8:640::/48  2001:43f8:650::/48 

     2001:43f8:660::/48  2001:43f8:670::/48  2001:43f8:680::/48  2001:43f8:6a0::/48  2001:43f8:6b0::/46  2001:43f8:6c0::/48 

     2001:43f8:6d0::/46  2001:43f8:6e0::/48  2001:43f8:700::/44  2001:43f8:720::/48  2001:43f8:760::/48  2001:43f8:780::/48 

     2001:43f8:7a0::/48  2001:43f8:7c0::/48  2001:43f8:7d0::/48  2001:43f8:7e0::/48  2001:43f8:7f0::/48  2001:43f8:800::/42 


Prefixes seen in the routing table
(Exact match or more specifics)
58 prefixes were seen in routing table with the following distribution 

*     52 originated by AS in AfriNIC service region (AS and number of prefixes originated)
    AS15022 (1)  AS15706 (1)  AS16637 (3)  AS20011 (1)  AS2018 (1)  AS23889 (1)  AS24835 (1)  AS25818 (1)  AS28683 (1)  AS30983 (1)  AS30985 (1)  AS30990 (1)  AS30999 (1)  AS31065 (1)  AS33764 (1)  AS36910 (1)  AS36915 (1)  AS36937 (1)  AS36944 (1)  AS36948 (1)  AS36965 (1)  AS36982 (1)  AS36992 (1)  AS37045 (1)  AS37061 (1)  AS37074 (1)  AS37084 (1)  AS37105 (2)  AS37177 (1)  AS37181 (1)  AS37304 (2)  AS37312 (1)  AS37364 (1)  AS37386 (1)  AS37419 (1)  AS37501 (1)  AS37513 (1)  AS37520 (5)  AS37578 (1)  AS5713 (1)  AS6083 (2)  AS6968 (2)    






*     6 originated by AS not in AfriNIC service region (AS and number of prefixes originated)
    AS21174 (1)  AS22351 (1)  AS2609 (1)  AS3208 (1)  AS6453 (1)  AS8346 (1)    

Detail (http://airrs.afrinic.net/bgp/reports6.html/bgp.reports.2013-07-29-2001-4200.html) 

Summary ( 2C00::/12 ) 

Prefixes allocated but not seen in the routing table
(Exact match and more specifics)
165 Prefixes
     2c0f:f810::/32  2c0f:f820::/32  2c0f:f828::/32  2c0f:f830::/32  2c0f:f838::/32  2c0f:f840::/32 

     2c0f:f848::/32  2c0f:f858::/32  2c0f:f860::/32  2c0f:f870::/32  2c0f:f878::/32  2c0f:f880::/32 

     2c0f:f888::/32  2c0f:f898::/32  2c0f:f8a0::/32  2c0f:f8a8::/32  2c0f:f8b0::/32  2c0f:f8b8::/32 

     2c0f:f8c0::/32  2c0f:f8c8::/32  2c0f:f8d0::/32  2c0f:f8d8::/32  2c0f:f8e0::/32  2c0f:f8e8::/32 

     2c0f:f8f0::/32  2c0f:f8f8::/32  2c0f:f900::/32  2c0f:f908::/32  2c0f:f918::/32  2c0f:f920::/32 

     2c0f:f928::/32  2c0f:f938::/32  2c0f:f940::/32  2c0f:f948::/32  2c0f:f950::/32  2c0f:f958::/32 

     2c0f:f960::/32  2c0f:f968::/32  2c0f:f978::/32  2c0f:f980::/32  2c0f:f988::/32  2c0f:f990::/32 

     2c0f:f998::/32  2c0f:f9a0::/32  2c0f:f9a8::/32  2c0f:f9b0::/32  2c0f:f9b8::/32  2c0f:f9c0::/32 

     2c0f:f9c8::/32  2c0f:f9d0::/32  2c0f:fa00::/32  2c0f:fa08::/32  2c0f:fa10::/32  2c0f:fa20::/32 

     2c0f:fa28::/32  2c0f:fa30::/32  2c0f:fa38::/32  2c0f:fa40::/32  2c0f:fa60::/32  2c0f:fa68::/32 

     2c0f:fa70::/32  2c0f:fa78::/32  2c0f:fa80::/32  2c0f:fa88::/32  2c0f:fa98::/32  2c0f:faa0::/29 

     2c0f:fac8::/32  2c0f:fad0::/32  2c0f:fad8::/32  2c0f:fae0::/32  2c0f:fae8::/32  2c0f:faf0::/32 

     2c0f:fb00::/32  2c0f:fb10::/32  2c0f:fb28::/32  2c0f:fb30::/32  2c0f:fb38::/32  2c0f:fb48::/32 

     2c0f:fb58::/32  2c0f:fb60::/32  2c0f:fb68::/32  2c0f:fb70::/32  2c0f:fb78::/32  2c0f:fb80::/32 

     2c0f:fb90::/32  2c0f:fb98::/32  2c0f:fba0::/32  2c0f:fba8::/32  2c0f:fbb0::/32  2c0f:fbb8::/32 

     2c0f:fbc0::/32  2c0f:fbc8::/32  2c0f:fbd0::/32  2c0f:fbd8::/32  2c0f:fc40::/32  2c0f:fc48::/32 

     2c0f:fc50::/32  2c0f:fc58::/32  2c0f:fc60::/31  2c0f:fc78::/32  2c0f:fc80::/32  2c0f:fc90::/32 

     2c0f:fca0::/32  2c0f:fca8::/32  2c0f:fcb0::/32  2c0f:fcc8::/32  2c0f:fcd0::/32  2c0f:fcd8::/32 

     2c0f:fce0::/32  2c0f:fce8::/32  2c0f:fcf0::/32  2c0f:fcf8::/32  2c0f:fd00::/32  2c0f:fd18::/32 

     2c0f:fd30::/32  2c0f:fd38::/32  2c0f:fd40::/32  2c0f:fd48::/32  2c0f:fd60::/32  2c0f:fd68::/32 

     2c0f:fd70::/32  2c0f:fd78::/32  2c0f:fd80::/32  2c0f:fd88::/32  2c0f:fd90::/32  2c0f:fd98::/32 

     2c0f:fdb0::/32  2c0f:fdb8::/32  2c0f:fdc0::/32  2c0f:fdd0::/32  2c0f:fdd8::/32  2c0f:fde0::/32 

     2c0f:fde8::/32  2c0f:fdf0::/32  2c0f:fdf8::/32  2c0f:fe10::/32  2c0f:fe28::/32  2c0f:fe30::/32 

     2c0f:fe58::/32  2c0f:fe60::/32  2c0f:fe68::/32  2c0f:fe70::/32  2c0f:fe78::/32  2c0f:fea0::/32 

     2c0f:fea8::/32  2c0f:fec8::/32  2c0f:fed0::/32  2c0f:fed8::/32  2c0f:fee0::/32  2c0f:fef0::/32 

     2c0f:fef8::/32  2c0f:ff10::/32  2c0f:ff20::/32  2c0f:ff80::/32  2c0f:ff88::/32  2c0f:ff98::/32 

     2c0f:ffa8::/32  2c0f:ffb0::/32  2c0f:ffb8::/32  2c0f:ffc0::/32  2c0f:ffc8::/32  2c0f:ffd0::/32 

     2c0f:ffe0::/32  2c0f:ffe8::/32  2c0f:fff0::/32 

Prefixes seen in the routing table
(Exact match or more specifics)
76 prefixes were seen in routing table with the following distribution 

*     72 originated by AS in AfriNIC service region (AS and number of prefixes originated)
    AS10474 (1)  AS11845 (4)  AS12143 (2)  AS12556 (1)  AS14988 (2)  AS16637 (1)  AS18931 (2)  AS22750 (5)  AS24863 (1)  AS29091 (1)  AS29975 (1)  AS32653 (1)  AS33762 (1)  AS33764 (2)  AS33770 (1)  AS33771 (1)  AS33788 (1)  AS36874 (1)  AS36884 (1)  AS36909 (1)  AS36913 (1)  AS36914 (1)  AS36925 (1)  AS36943 (1)  AS36959 (1)  AS36989 (4)  AS36991 (1)  AS36992 (2)  AS36994 (1)  AS37013 (1)  AS37043 (1)  AS37044 (1)  AS37049 (1)  AS37053 (1)  AS37100 (1)  AS37105 (1)  AS37143 (1)  AS37168 (1)  AS37179 (1)  AS37187 (1)  AS37253 (1)  AS37271 (1)  AS37273 (1)  AS37282 (2)  AS37305 (1)  AS37323 (1)  AS37334 (1)  AS37349 (1)  AS37357 (1)  AS37403 (1)  AS3741 (2)  AS37492 (1)  AS37503 (1)  AS37560 (1)  AS37596 (1)    







*     4 originated by AS not in AfriNIC service region (AS and number of prefixes originated)
    AS15169 (1)  AS15808 (1)  AS237 (1)  AS2609 (1)    

Detail (http://airrs.afrinic.net/bgp/reports6.html/bgp.reports.2013-07-29-2c00.html)

End of report
AIRRS Website : http://www.afrinic.net/airrs/index.htm


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Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 15:42:32 +0400
From: Babusha Radhakissoon <babusha at afrinic.net>
Subject: [afripv6-discuss] Conclusion de la session de formation
    d'AFRINIC a    Libreville, GABON
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