[afripv6-discuss] Community involvement (was: AF6TF report for 2012)

Mukom Akong T. mukom.tamon at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 15:15:11 SAST 2013

On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 4:03 PM, SM <sm at resistor.net> wrote:
>> Do you know of anyone who did not leech at some point in their career?
> One can look at a single person or one can look at the group.  If everyone
> is leeching the group does not work.  What I know is that the persons I work
> with do contribute.  They do not do it because of their career.

Leeching is an individual behaviour. It's consequences when aggregated
to group level are bad for the group. Quite a few people do contribute
on this list --- their motivations for contributing differ (ranging
from the altruistic to the self-serving - a totally irrelevant point
to me so long as they are contributing). In the end though, I'll bet
contribution and action follow the Pareto principle - 80% of the
results coming from 20% of the people (and quite disturbingly the
corollary - 80% of the noise/naysaying coming from 20% of the people).

If someone leeches knowledge and goes deploy IPv6 --- that's a win to
me. After all it is rare that he will be the only one to benefit from
'his/her' deployment.


Mukom Akong T.

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