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This might be of interest to some of you.

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*Guillaume Gottardi,*
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  The transition to IPv6 presents a complex technical challenge with
implications to a mobile service provider’s underlying business model.
Since there is no one size fits all solution for transitioning to IPv6,
understanding the various approaches is crucial for solving both the
technical and business challenge IPv6 presents.  Service providers need to
tailor their strategy to meet the needs of their existing network
architectures while maintaining their business priorities.

This Cisco Knowledge Network webcast will investigate the business impact
various IPv4 address exhaust strategies have on mobile providers - as well
as the financial ramifications for delaying the transition to IPv6 services

The following use cases will be explored during this webcast:

·  Continuing to deploy IPv4 with Carrier Grade NAT44
·  Deploying Dual-stack (IPv4/IPv6) with NAT44
·  Deploying All-IPv6 with NAT64

*This analysis includes data from a major Tier 1 mobile operator and
validated by IDC, an independent industry analyst.  The presentation will
include CAPEX costs and OPEX considerations.



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