[afripv6-discuss] How to 'Sell' IPv6 to Executives - Guidance for Engineers.

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“Genius!”, the CEO says as he enters your office, “I’ve been hearing a lot
lately in the news about an IP Apocalypse and this new thing called IPv6. I
also understand you recently attended an IPv6 training. I want you to make
a presentation to executive management to tell us why this is important to
us what our approach as a company should be.”

I believe that the ability for an engineer to make such a case for IPv6 to
business executives is a critical for driving adoption.

Such guidance is the subject of my latest post <How to ‘Sell’ IPv6 to
Executive Management – Guidance for

It essentially guides an engineer on how to research and make a 15 slide
(max), 45 minute presentation using the following framework:

a) Set the strategic context: how your organisation derives value from IP
networks and the Internet.

b) Overview of the problem: IPv4 exhaustion

c) Implications of IPv4 Exhaustion to your organization’s business model.

d) Introduction of IPv6 as a solution to IPv4 exhaustion.

e) Understanding the risks involved.

f) How much will deploying IPv6 will cost.

g) Call to action.

So to all you engineers out there who have convinced managers - what else
did you have to address?

For you who are managers, what else do you need your engineers to address
in order for you to be convinced?


As always, all opinions expressed are mine and do not necessarily represent
the views of my employers, past or present.


Mukom Akong T.

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