[afripv6-discuss] What have you done for IPv6 lately, since the 1st of January, 2013?

Hisham Ibrahim hisham at afrinic.net
Sun Feb 17 19:36:39 SAST 2013

Hi SM,


>   "According to the survey carried out with ISPs, none of them is involved in
>    IPv6 experimentation with a view to moving towards commercial IPv6 based
>    services."
> It has been said that there wasn't any customer demand for IPv6.  Maybe it is because customers asking about IPv6 connectivity are ignored as the customer-facing end of the ISPs do not know anything about IPv6.

I will agree with you on this, there seems to be more and more demand now IPv6 at end user side,

granted this % is small in comparison to the entire number of end users that do not ask for it, 

but at least now we have more demand / awareness now than before.

ISPs however still use the same explanations and last mile excuses we have been hearing for years mainly DSLAMs. 

And while we can not force ISPs to upgrade their infra we can still do some work arounds like the project Logan sent on the list to get the ball rolling.

I have discussed with Logan the idea of talking with the ISPs and the ICTA in MU to replicate what he has done at his school in schools all over MU.

hopefully similar low cost solutions are what will give the ISPs all over Africa a reason to do IPv6 as well.    

> The presentations are always nice.  However, there isn't much being done in practice.  www.icta.mu is at least IPv6-enabled.  The same cannot be said of the few other sites I looked at.

I also agree with you as nice as presentations are, we should only look at measurable results.

and this is why I started this thread, so that we can get the community to share with us stories of what they have actually deployed, like logan, the challenges like Andrew's email and the ones that are 

broken like the yahoo and sonatel thread that was sent out earlier, (FYI Sonatel promised to resolve the issue and get back to the list with what was broken).


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