[afripv6-discuss] College Du St Esprit adopts IPv6 in Mauritius

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Sun Feb 17 15:28:07 SAST 2013

College Du St Esprit is one of the most well-known secondary schools in Mauritius. It was among the first secondary schools to subscribe to ADSL. They started off with a 64 Kb/s line, and have since upgraded to a 1024Kb/s (1Mb/s) line. There are 19 PCs in the computer lab, and no wifi.
Some of their machines had static IPs while others had dynamic IP. We use the same IP address class for the internal interface of the WRT54GL -- a popular router that runs Linux. I modified OpenWRT -- a 3rd party firmware to get IPv6 support through HE. 

Half of the machines were running Windows 7 and had no issues getting IPv6. However, the other half were older machines that still ran Windows XP. I had to install TCP/IP v6 on Windows XP to get IPv6 on those machine. The lab attendant, Mr Anil Seeboo, did the same for the rest of the windows XP computers. We also taught him about ping -6 and traceroute -6 for basic diagnostic. We intend to go there another Saturday to give a small introduction to IPv6 for students, teachers, and lab attendant.

The school administrator (Mr Jacques Malie) was very pleased about our initiative, as he had heard of IPv6 ! College Du St Esprit will celebrate its 75 years this year, and he's very pleased that they are the first secondary school in Mauritius to adopt IPv6. Students and teachers now benefit from wifi as well, and on Monday many will be checking their Facebook status & read their gmail & view some youtube clips over IPv6.

Later, SM & I discussed the implications of IPv6 with Mr Anil Seeboo, and how it compares with IPv4.

Overall, it was a great experience for us, and I was very happy to go back to the school where I had spent 7 years of my life, and contribute something back.

We want to implement an action plan on a national level. Feedback welcomed.


Please join us at the Africa Internet Summit, Lusaka, Zambia, 9 ? 21
June 2013

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