[afripv6-discuss] A note about Yahoo

SM sm at resistor.net
Thu Feb 14 11:55:55 SAST 2013

Hi Guy,
At 21:56 13-02-2013, Guy Antony Halse wrote:
>That only helps if you know who the right people are...
>I contacted both customer support and later the RIPE-listed tech 
>contacts for the netblock in question. I never got a reply.

In this case I did not know who is the right person.  I knew about 
the World IPv6 Day contact.  I did not contact the person 
though.  It's not because the person is not helpful.

For what it is worth I sent a question to questions at zadna.org.za on 
10 February.  I did not get any reply.  I asked on the IOZ mailing 
list.  I never got a reply.


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