[afripv6-discuss] Getting IPv6 Done: A Step-by-Step Framework for Planning an IPv6 Deployment

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Mon Jan 28 11:58:11 SAST 2013

Hi Mukom,


That was the process we went through and it contains a reasonable amount of

I presented that at the Khartoum meeting (remotely) as well, but hopefully
its useful.


On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 5:10 AM, Mukom Akong T. <mukom.tamon at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello all,
> One of the questions I often get asked during after teaching/facilitating
> and IPv6 session is: "Now I know all these tech bits and how they come
> together, but what are the steps for deploying IPv6?"
> I've often scratched my head because I thought 'that's obvious', however I
> gave have detailed and have decided to provide a framework that anyone
> could use.
> http://techxcellence.net/2013/01/28/step-by-step-framework-for-planning-ipv6-deployment/
> Surprisingly, these are very familiar steps that almost everyone who has
> done a project in the past can relate to. The steps are:
>    1. Set Clear Goals for the IPv6 Deployment Project.
>    2. Identify the List of Tasks Required to Achieve each Goal.
>    3. Identify Resources Required to Accomplish each Task.
>    4. Get Management Approval/Sign-off for the Project.
>    5. Execute the Plan, Documenting Everything as you go.
>    6. Update Relevant Organisational Processes to Integrate new
>    Capabilities Resulting from the Deployment.
> These are quite obvious steps, however what each of them means and the
> thought process required to clarify each is what have detailed. I'd like
> your comments and also your suggestions on what you can do to move your
> IPv6 Deployment project from and "incomplete pile of unclear stuff" to and
> organised set of tasks that will surely lead you towards a working IPv6
> deployment? Please share.
> Have an awesome week!
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> necessary represent the views or positions of any of my professional
> affiliations.
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