[afripv6-discuss] Successful Conclusion of AFRINIC Training Workshop in Ebene - Mauritius (29 October - 1 November)

Babusha Radhakissoon babusha at afrinic.net
Fri Nov 2 11:10:50 SAST 2012

Dear colleagues,

AFRINIC just concluded a four (4) day training workshop in Ebene,
Mauritius. The training ran from the 29th of October - 1st November 2012
at AFRINIC headquarters in Ebene. The training was officially opened by
the Minister of Information and Communication Technology of Mauritius,
the Hon. Tassarajen Chedumbrum Pillay.

The first day of the training (29th) was dedicated to Internet Number
Resource Management while the last three days were dedicated to IPv6.
The training, carried out under the auspices of AFRINIC's capacity
building programme aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills base
across Africa to handle opportunities and challenges occasioned by
technology and Internet developments.

In line with its capacity building strategy, AFRINIC has designed
training programme to help Network Operators in the African region to
better manage Internet Numbers resources and better plan IPv6
deployment. The training was attended by 20 network engineers, systems
administrators drawn from the telecommunications and Internet service
organisations as well as government agencies.

We wish to extend our appreciation to the National Computer Board - NCB,
Mauritius for their partnership in this training.

Warm Regards.


(i) Outline of course modules

(ii) Course slides <http://learn.afrinic.net/index.php/resources>

(iii) Book a free 6 router lab to practice on

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