[afripv6-discuss] IPv6 Transition

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Tue Jun 5 10:06:29 SAST 2012

On Tuesday, June 05, 2012 07:45:56 AM chii ngek wrote:

> Hi ALL,
> I am surprised about the questions some of us are asking
> at the eve of the 6th June: the day set aside for the
> complete migration. I am convinced that such questions
> were already answered in the many fora and AfriNIC
> meetings organized for the purpose.

It's not the complete migration, it's another step toward 
fundamental entrenchment of IPv6 on the Internet.

Support from the participants listed for this event is 
crucial to swaying operators and end users alike toward IPv6 
implementation in their own domains.

We don't expect everyone to be compliant tomorrow, but we 
expect there to be fewer excuses as to why they aren't.

Many folk have been running IPv6 for years now, and tomorrow 
is the culmination of much work and lots of waiting. 

The road doesn't end tomorrow - it just gets a little 
shorter from one or more perspectives.

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