[afripv6-discuss] What are the benefits of IPv6 over IPv4

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Hi all,

Educational institutions in Africa should, IMHO, not only work on their networks and provide services to their users, should also educate on IPv6 to their students, to at least the same level, if not more, than they are doing for IPv4.

What will those students find out there when they finish studying in two, three or four years?... IPv6

My 2 cents

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> My very first mail on this list.  I am looking at this from an NREN 
> point of view which is arguably broader than any ISP in the region

Welcome to the dialogue.

> What are the realities of the region?

Realities probably differ from one organisation to another. But here are some interesting questions for us to consider:

(a) If all educational institutions in Africa decide to get IP addresses for at least 50% of their users. What will be the effect on AfriNIC's pool of addresses?

(b) What if the big 10 mobile operators in Africa decide to get rid of NAT and so ask for enough IPv4 addresses to do that?

One stark reality that will be common to all scenarios is that at some point, we won't have enough IPv4 addresses to meet the IT development needs of the region.

> I see awareness and increased demand for IP that v4 cannot satisfy, and wonder why there is any contention.

That contention from the current establishment with current ways of seeing 'value' is a characteristic response by proponents of an incumbent technology to a potentially disruptive one. @SM ... I mean
IPv6 is a potential disruptive technology as defined by Clayten Christensen ... one key characteristic of such being no immediate value proposition or business case for the established way of doing things.

> What am I missing?
> Just catching up
> Omo
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> Hi Mukom,
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>>* Think: IPv6 is technological inevitability. The only question that 
>>remains is when will I join?
> Yes.
>>* IPv6 may be a disruptive technology and it is a characteristic of
> It's not a disruptive technology.
>>* The day you see concrete data showing that IPv6 is important, you 
>>will have lost all (or most) opportunities to benefit strategically 
>>from being a first mover ... aka you will be already too late.
> Yes.  The problem is that it hasn't convinced people up to now.  That 
> message is not tuned to the realities of the region.
>>Now as as web hosting organisation, you have to create a "business 
>>case" for yourself. And no ...the traditional metrics used to craft a
> By charging for per IPv6 address (actual case). :-)
> Regards,
> -sm
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