[afripv6-discuss] What are the benefits of IPv6 over IPv4

SM sm at resistor.net
Fri Jun 1 21:20:43 SAST 2012

At 10:55 01-06-2012, maina.noah at ipv6.or.tz wrote:
>In respect of IPv6 adoption and business continuity, i think paying 10%
>would be justifiable for any serious organization much aware of the
>dynamics in technology.

As you are on board, may I suggest the following:

  - Make the authoritative DNS server accessible over IPv6

  - Make the mail server accessible over IPv6

The benefit is that you gain IPv6 experience.  Such a change won't 
break stuff and should not be an additional cost.

IPv6 adoption in Tanzania is 0.02%.  That's much better than Egypt.


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