[afripv6-discuss] How to increase of IPV6 uptake in Africa

Kivuva Kivuva at transworldafrica.com
Mon Mar 19 19:00:16 SAST 2012

IPv4 Addresses exhaustion: Why is the African continent lagging behind in
IPv6 uptake?
What are the solutions flotted to take Africa to the next level? is it
1. More training of technical personnel
2. More investement in the telecom sector
3. More sensitization of the need to takeup IPV6

Is there need? Is there demand for update?
1. What are the projections of the continent for the near future?
2. What are the consequences of not taking up IPV6 for the continent?
3. Do the investors, politicians, policy makers, academics know this?

Governments such as Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania, South Africa and Egypt are
leading in development of national IPv6 policies, but other governments
have yet to move beyond . How can we drag other countries along?

What is the way forward?

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