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On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 11:41 PM, Mark van Wyk <mark at foxbomb.com> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> We're completed our first 2 IPv6 courses, and trained up 20 delegates, and
> I have another class of 9 night as we speak. Really glad the training is
> going so well.


> We have 4 baby cisco switches / routers that we use for the labs. We have
> a couple of pretty cool exercises (labs) that we've put together for the
> delegates to get stuck into.
> 1. Basic Router Configuration (Console Cable)
> 2. Basic Host Configuration (IPv4)
> 3. Basic Host Configuration (IPv6)
> 4. Enabling IPv6 on the Router.
> 5. Basic Ipv6 Routing
> 6. More Complex Routing and Route Aggregation.
> 7. OSPF v6
> 8. Inter-Area Routing with OSPF
> 9. Creating IPv6 tunnels over IPv4 networks.
> So far so good. However, we've had a couple of requests:
> 1. Use Wireshark to watch/snoop IPv6 packets (we use hubs for this).
> 2. Multicasting Demonstration.
> 3. Allow the delegates to connect to the IPv6 Internet.
> Interestingly enough, all 3 are rather challenging.
> *Wireshark (Mac 1.6)*
> I switched on Wireshark, and sent some IPv6 packets from our one wireless
> hosts link local to the other. Wireshark picks up the activity, but doesn't
> seem to recognise them as IPv6 packets. Maybe I'm just being silly. Any
> ideas?

In the past I've used tcpdump to do my capturing and saving the file as a
pcap file, then use Wireshark to show everyone (because it's easier to
explain the headers in a GUI than in text in a console). While in some of
our trainings, some people find this very useful (this is the only way I've
been able to demonstrate stuff like NDP). Could you share the pcap file
that you got from your captures?

> *Multicasting*
> Apparently VLC player supports both streaming to the network and playing
> off the network in both IPv4 and IPv6, however, as soon as I try to play
> the stream, it fails. I chose a multicast address of FF15::1 (I chose FF
> for Multicast, 1 for flags to signal transient / no RSVP, 5 for site local
> scope, and ::1 for a group id. I get a "no route to host" from VLC. Any
> ideas appreciated.

Never fiddled with VLC before, but I see an interesting exercise in here.
At the network level do your packet captures say that the stream is being
sent and received?

> *Allow the Delegates to Connect to the IPv6 Internet*
> Also tricky, was thinking of using Miredo (Teredo for Mac) over my iPhone,
> and then somehow sharing that with a router? Um, this is going to be
> tricky... Wonder if I can get a /56. Ideas still appreciated.

In our workshops, sometimes we get native IPv6 in class (and every
participant has a live public v6 address). When that's not feasible, I (if
the equipment supports it) build a tunnel from the router that serves the
class back to tunnelbroker.net then do SLAAC on the LAN to the class. I
then ask everyone to point to http://test-ipv6.com/ as well as other
IPv6-only sites. The packet captures from these sessions are also
interesting side (and sometimes whole class) discussions.

As for the equipment to get that done, a v6-capable router is best but I've
also used the Linksys E4200 but it just wasn't able to handle a class of 40
all doing v6. Of course a Linux (or your favourite *nix) box with the right
utilities will do just fine.

> Practical IPv6 is a lot harder than theoretical IPv6 LOL :)

Indeed it is. And to have any chance of making good sense of why something
is not working (practicals), you must first have a good understanding of
how it is supposed to work (the theory). So as boring as IPv6 packet header
and reading packet captures (not specific to v6) sound, if we don't
understand them, our ability to troubleshoot will be severely limited ;-)

Thanks for sharing!

> Thanks,
> Mark
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