[afripv6-discuss] The African IPv6 Task Force

Hisham Ibrahim hisham at afrinic.net
Mon Jan 30 10:18:03 SAST 2012

> This is the crux of the problem in South Africa right now. While we have an abundance of competing network operators we are limited to about half a dozen access providers. These access provides have wholesale models where other providers can deliver services via their networks but they are mostly at layer-3.
> I can currently only provide _native_ IPv6 via one access network because they give me layer-2 handoff. All the others refuse to relinquish control of the layer-3 BRAS/GGSN/Access Concentrator/Access Node and have no discernable plans to make them IPv6 capable.
The general idea was to have people from the peering and transit FG look into this due to the fact that it will consist mainly of ISPs. 
However there seems to be a bigger need / interest into looking into v6 equipment (CPEs, DSLAMs...) by itself as a separate FG
We can build on some of the work already done in terms of surveying v6 equipment and through the TF publicize it within our region. 
And as Latif mentioned with the maturity of the RFCs on CPEs and also with the World v6 launch day, I think that would be a very useful first step for for region.
Thoughts and volunteers for that FG??

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