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Graham Beneke graham at apolix.co.za
Sun Jan 29 20:23:55 SAST 2012

On 29/01/2012 19:16, Mark Tinka wrote:
> Personally, I think Access networks is where we need to
> solve a lot of problems now. v6 in the Core is done&
> dusted, nothing new here.

Agreed. The core is normally trivial.

> But the Access is the main issue now.
> More to Hisham's question re: the DSLAM; in theory, one
> would expect DSLAM's to be Layer 3 unaware, as they're
> mostly Layer 1 and Layer 2 devices. This tends to be the
> case, for example, if your DSLAM is some kind of GPON or
> Ethernet-based DSLAM and you're separating customers on a
> per-VLAN basis.
> However, when you're offering broadband (DHCPv6 or PPPoEv6),
> the AN (Access Node) has to be v6-aware at Layer 2,
> especially since some architectures like GPON implement
> split horizons, and hacks to ND (ARP for v4), MLD (IGMP for
> v4), e.t.c., are needed in order to maintain broadband
> solutions for v6 on today's AN's.

This is the crux of the problem in South Africa right now. While we have 
an abundance of competing network operators we are limited to about half 
a dozen access providers. These access provides have wholesale models 
where other providers can deliver services via their networks but they 
are mostly at layer-3.

I can currently only provide _native_ IPv6 via one access network 
because they give me layer-2 handoff. All the others refuse to 
relinquish control of the layer-3 BRAS/GGSN/Access Concentrator/Access 
Node and have no discernable plans to make them IPv6 capable.

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