[afripv6-discuss] IPv6 In South Africa

Graham Beneke graham at neology.co.za
Fri Jan 20 11:06:16 SAST 2012

Hi Pierre

On 13.01.2012 10:47, Pierre Van Vuuren (ZA) wrote:
> I'm from South Africa and the state as of November last year was
> about 70 South African networks have IPv6 prefixes allocated to them,
> but only a view of those prefixes are routed on the IPv6 internet.
>  For more detail check out this resource:
> http://www.sixxs.net/tools/grh/dfp/all/?country=za [1]

Uptake is certainly not where we'd like it to be but its definitely
improving. Its refreshing to see that most of the major network
operators do at least have a working IPv6 prefix in BGP.

> My gut tells me IS (Internet Solutions) and MWEB will have some IPv6
> hosts.

We (Neology) have been providing IPv6 to all of our customers for a
while now - some don't yet want it though. I think that we may be
carrying the largest volume of IPv6 traffic in the country at the moment.

We also recently began providing some tunnel based IPv6 transit to a few
non-customers and we also provide sites such as MyBroadband.co.za with a
translation gateway so that they have an IPv6 presence.

I know that IS, SAIX, TENET & Neotel can provide IPv6 to certain
customers if you request it. Mweb also seem to have some big plans since
they applied for and received the largest IPv6 allocation in Africa at
the end of 2010.

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