[afripv6-discuss] synergy - Re: Registration Still Open for AfriNIC/6D

Dr Paulos Nyirenda paulos at sdnp.org.mw
Wed Mar 23 14:43:08 SAST 2011

Just thinking: It would have been very nice if we could find a way of synchronising 
events like these two AFTLD and AFRINIC events in ACCRA in April - just so we get better 
synergy. See:
1. 5th Annual African ccTLD Event, Accra,18-22 April 2011, http://www.aftld.org/ 
2 AfriNIC/6Deploy workshop, Accra, 6-8 April 2011, see below

Since AFTLD and AfrNIC have a working MoU, it seems plausible to cooperate on events like 
these where we are seeing a near miss in synergy.

Would synergy not be more productive for our region?


Dr Paulos B Nyirenda
NIC.MW & .mw ccTLD

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	+ IPv6 Workshop in Accra - Ghana | 6th - 8th April 2011
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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to inform you that registration is still open for the
upcoming AfriNIC/6Deploy workshop which will take place in Accra - Ghana as follows:

Date:       6th - 8th April 2011
Venue:      Last Floor of the Ghana Multimedia Centre (Ghana House), High Street, 
Fees:       FREE of charge with priority given to AfriNIC members.
Registration: http://www.afrinic.net/training/registration.htm

This workshop is being hosted by The National Information Technology Agency in Ghana.

Course Deliverables | Internet Number Resources Management Fundamentals Workshop | 1 Day

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

#Describe the issues surrounding IPv4 depletion and the risks it poses for the continued 
evolution of the Internet.

#Make a good case for why NAT is bad and not a sustainable solution to the problem of 
IPv4 depletion.

#Plan their IP addressing needs and apply for the resources from AfriNIC.

#Describe the policy development process, its importance and how to take part it it.

Course Deliverables | Understanding and Deploying IPv6 | 2 Days

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

#Design an IPv6 address scheme for their organisations.

#Configure IPv6 on Windows/Mac and Linux desktop operating systems.

#Build a routed IPv6 network using both static routing and OSPFv3.

#Configure tunnelling techniques to allow v6-capable sites talk to other
v6 sites across a v4-only network.

#Brainstorm solutions to issues holding back IPv6 in their organisations.

Target Audience:

Network engineers and systems administrators who understand how to
design and build IPv4 networks. Participants must already understand topics like:

*The OSI model and the various protocols that operate at each layer.
*IPv4 addressing and subnetting.
*Intra-domain routing and OSPF.
*Basic network services like DHCP and DNS.
*How to use the command line interfaces of key routing platforms (e.g Cisco IOS)

Participants are expected to bring their own laptops which must have the following 
utilities installed:

a. Virtualbox - a virtualisation software available freely from 

b. A telnet and/or SSH client to use to log into remote equipment. If your operating 
system does not have these installed, you can download and install the following free 

== Putty - http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html
== Terraterm - http://en.sourceforge.jp/projects/ttssh2/releases/

Fees and Charges

Participation in this training workshop is FREE of charge and open to our
members and network operators in that priority as well as anyone
interested in understanding how to design and build IPv6 networks.

Tea and lunch will be served during the days of the workshop.Note that AfriNIC will not 
bear any transportation and/or accommodation costs for the participants.


Please note that there are only 35 seats available.



For additional information, please do not hesitate to us contact by
emailing training [at] afrinic [dot] net

Mukom Akong T.
Training Manager & Policy Liaison
www.afrinic.net | p: +230 403 5100  |  f: +230 466 6758
Skype/Twitter: perfexcellent  | LinkedIn: mu.linkedin.com/in/perfexcellent

"When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to 

                        - Kahlil Gibran

Mukom Akong Tamon
"A man owns nothing, not land or money, only his character, the loyalty & courage in his 
heart" - Commander Chakotay - StarTrek Voyager

[ICT Business Integration] - http://ibiztech.wordpress.com 
[Leadership Lessons from Movies] - http://thbs.wordpress.com
[In Search of Excellence & Perfection] - http://perfexcellence.wordpress.com [Technical 
How-Tos & Stuff-at-a-Glance] - http://techowto.wordpress.com

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