[afripv6-discuss] REMINDER: IPv6 Deployment Monitoring Survey - still 4 days to go

Adiel A. Akplogan adiel at afrinic.net
Thu Jul 1 12:37:33 SAST 2010

Dear Colleagues,

Few weeks ago we announced the IPv6 Deployment Monitoring survey
by TNO and GNKS Consul which we have joined this year. We have
so fare received very limited number of responses from our region
(only 65). Be informed that that the dead line has now been extend
to Sunday, July 4th.

The survey is important for us to have as much reliable as possible
picture of the current situation of IPv6 deployment in our region.

The survey can be accessed at:


We are hereby encouraging you to participate in this survey. The
survey is composed of 23 questions and can be completed in about
15 minutes. For those without IPv6 allocations or assignments, or
who have not yet deployed IPv6, the questions will be fewer in

Results of the Survey will be presented and discussed at AfriNIC-13,
the next AfriNIC Public Policy Meeting, scheduled to take place
20 – 26 November 2010 in Johannesburg (South Africa).

Please do not forget to provide your name and contact information
on the survey form if you wish to receive the draft survey analysis
when available. Please also indicate whether you are willing to
share additional data with the TNO and GNKS Consult IPv6 Deployment
Monitoring team.

We appreciate your time and interest in completing this survey. If
you have any questions concerning the survey, please send an email
to <info at gnksconsult.com>.

If you are interested in participating to more IPv6 discussion in
AfriNIC service region you may also want to join our IPv6 discussion
list afripv6-discuss at afrinic.net. Instruction on how to join are
available at:



Adiel A. Akplogan
Chief Executive Officer
AfriNIC, www.afrinic.net

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