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Hi Sami,


What's your agenda?


I have copied the African IPv6 Community to explain what you want to achieve
with this.




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Betreff: Is the Transition to IPv6 a "Market Failure?"


Dear All
Mr. Jeoff Huston, Chef Scientist of APNIC, prepared a paper titled:

Is the Transition to IPv6 a "Market Failure?"

He talk about the transition procedures and comparing it with other
migration occurred in the development of ICTs such as year 2000 problem.

He blames IPv6, because  IPv6 is neither a backwards-compatible protocol,
nor forward-compatible protocol, So the two protocols are not perfect
He also gives charts with regards to the Dual Stack Transition Process,
and show the appropriate time frame for migration.
At the end he suggest some remedies, and how to start from now toward IPv6.

I found the paper is very interesting as  Xiaoya said , I strongly
recommend the group to benefit from Mr. Jeoff Huston ideas  .

Best Regards,
Sami H. O. Salih


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