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Latif Ladid latif at ladid.lu
Sun Jun 20 13:47:24 SAST 2010

in full agreement on all issues.

There's much to do in the integration of all pieces claimed to work standalone
but do not make it in the real deployment.

Quoting "hisham ahmed. ibrahim" <ahisham at mcit.gov.eg>:

> Dear Paul,
> The idea of creating a task force is not meant to spread awareness   
> and IPv6 academic know-how anymore, we are way past that phase now,   
> and if that were the case I agree, it would be a bit overdue.
> As for the AFTFv6, it shall be established to assemble a group of   
> African experts, all over Africa, that work mainly with Nations,   
> LIRs and IXPs on fully supporting and implementing IPv6 capabilities  
>  and down streaming these capabilities to their consumers using   
> African experiences and knowhow.
> Without actually implementing IPv6 on national and even regional   
> levels no real experience can be obtained (the days of depending   
> solely on testing in test beds and labs are over), and although some  
>  measures are being taken to support IPv6 on different ICT levels,  
> we  are still extremely far from our goal.
> For instance I have been working closely with a university here in   
> Cairo that had the futuristic vision of starting from day one   
> running entirely on IPv6 and though they bought all their products   
> from well-known brand names that ensured IPv6 readiness when we   
> tried to integrate these systems we found out that compatibility   
> matrix of all the systems they bought looked like a big joke (for   
> instance the Cameras that supported IPv6 couldn't integrate with the  
>  data storage units that also supported IPv6 except through an IPv4   
> connection and though the VoIP system supported IPv6 it couldn't   
> integrate with the other VoIP services via IPv6, as for security I   
> won't even go into that!!!).  And after contacting the main company   
> we were informed that there was no plan to do the necessary changes   
> in any of the upcoming releases!!! Simply because there was "No   
> Major market demands on supporting the required IPv6 modifications   
> to their launching products". By creating the AFTFv6 such a demand   
> can be created.
> So in my opinion the only way forward, if we are going to improve   
> the quality of the IPv6 in Africa, is to get everybody involved.   
> Every great movement in history has been an international movement   
> which owed its existence and its development to the cooperation of   
> many different peoples and races. Africa has come a long way in a   
> short time in regards to Internet this could only be achieved   
> through the regional cooperation and integration of initiatives such  
>  as the AFTFv6. By realizing the AFTFv6 another important step, not   
> only on the regional level but also in the globe arena, will be   
> taken to help the IPv6 penetration and development globally.
> Regards
> Hisham
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> Sounds like an idea overdue. What's the way forward on this?
> Paul
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