[afripv6-discuss] Proposal for an African IPv6 Task force

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Hi Hisham,


I highly welcome this initiative. I have copied the chairs of the current
IPv6 Forum chapters in Africa: Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Kenya and Ghana.


I will be in Egypt first week of July at the Smart village and we could
meeti and take this idea further.





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Dear All,

I hope this email finds you well and with best of health.


I am trying to raise general acceptance and consensus from the African
countries and organizations active in the field Internet and access, for the
launch of an African regional IPv6 Task Force.

Africa is the only region in the world without a regional task force
concerned meanly with IPv6 and its regional development, which has lead to
some allegations from foreign organizations that claim that the African
community needs chaperoning when it comes to ICT development (especially in
regards to the Internet and IPv6).

Starting such a regional organization with the help of the already
established Internet concerned African organizations and the already well
educated and trained African technical community, that has been built over
the years, will help bring together LIRs, regional efforts and even
governments to focus on one of the most anticipated Internet issues these
days (IPv6).

With less than 7% of the  IPv4 blocks left in the IANA pool, predications of
total depletion are assumed to be within mid next year (these predictions do
not take into consideration the impact of distributing the final 5*/8 blocks
among the RIRs).

Africa should take a stand now to face such a challenge and to turn that
immanent date into an opportunity it can prosper from.

I am trying to raise support from the community on this matter so will be
waiting on any valuable insight, suggestions or contacts you might refer me
to help see this regional initiative up and running as soon as humanly




Hisham Ahmed Ibrahim
Technical head of the Egyptain IPv6 test beds and labs
Smart Village.,Kilo 28 cairo-alexandria desert road ,12651 - Giza

Phone :(+202) 3534 1551               
Mobile:(+2012) 3534419

email:ahisham at mcit.gov.eg 

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