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>From http://www.certifications-cisco.com/TB/?P=1551  Any thoughts?

IPv6 myths <http://blog.ioshints.info/2010/02/ipv6-myths.html>

Once you’ve spent a few hours trying to understand the implications of IPv6,
you quickly realize that the only significant change is the increase in the
address length. All the other goals that some people had been talking about
were either forgotten or failed due to huge mismatch between idealistic view
of the Internet IPv6 developers had 15 years ago and today’s reality.
However, you still find mythical properties of IPv6 propagated across the
Internet. Here are a few I’ve found; add your favorites in the comments.

*IPv6 provides service/location separation.* Total nonsense. The only
mechanism used to find services is still DNS and it’s still used from the
wrong position in the protocol stack.

*IPv6 will reduce IP routing tables.* Not true. IETF had 15 years to solve
multihoming issues, but failed to do so. SHIM, SCTP ... are still in a very
experimental stage. If anything, the situation will only get worse, as
everyone will try to get PI address space.

*IPv6 will reduce BGP problems.* Just the opposite. Not only will the size
of the IPv6 global routing table increase, IPv6 BGP tables use more space
(and more bandwidth) than the corresponding IPv4 BGP tables.

*IPv6 has better quality of service.** *Total nonsense; the only widespread
QoS mechanism is DiffServ that uses DSCP.

*IPv6 has better security.* Not true. IPSec might be better integrated in
IPv6 headers, but there’s nothing you can do with IPv6 IPSec that you cannot
do with IPv4 IPSec.

*Residential IPv6 is less secure because it does not require NAT.* Anyone
who thinks NAT is a security feature deserves to become part of a botnet.

Borg le Chevalier
"Common sense is what tells us the world is flat"
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