[afripv6-discuss] 6th International Open Access Conference

Duncan Martin ceo at tenet.ac.za
Fri Sep 26 07:30:57 SAST 2008

Hi Boster,
I'm a director of the UbuntuNet Alliance and will be attending the
UbuntuNet Connect Conference.  I'd like to attend the Open Access
Conference as well.  Would I be liable for the USD250 registration fee
or not?
Kind regards
Duncan Martin


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	Dear Colleagues,

	The Information and Communication Technologies Association of
Malawi (ICTAM) in collaboration with The Royal Swedish Institute of
Technology (KTH) and The Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa
(OSISA) will host the 6th International Conference on Open Access at
Crossroads Hotel, Lilongwe, Malawi from 12th to14th November 2008.  This
will be preceded by the UbuntuNet Alliance Connect Conference: Driving
effective Research and Education Networking in Africa at the same venue
on 11th November 2008.
	YOU ARE INVITED. Please register
<http://www.wideopenaccess.net/register>  to share experiences, plans or
hypotheses under validation on various themes and sub themes. 

	For more information visit http://www.wideopenaccess.net .


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