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  Integrated Safety Risk Management for AFRICA

Disaster risk reduction policies and institutional mechanism exist at
various degrees of completeness in the African countries. Their
effectiveness is however limited when having to deal with major
disasters and complex emergencies. Risk management is often limited to
specific hazard monitoring with limited consideration of the
vulnerability of the area at risk. It is the vulnerability of the
population and of the infrastructure at risk that may transform a hazard
into a major disaster.

The purpose of the initiative is to build a reference platform suitable
for the management of natural and environmental risks in Africa. It must
allow the stakeholders in risks management to develop and use tailored
risk management models. The model should be a multi-purpose solution for
the communications (sensor networks, remote sensed data transfer,
service access, alert, emergency communications) based on IPv4 and IPv6
either to federate legacy communications or to provide native IPv6 solutions

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