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Hi all!
For your documentation, my pleasure to share our monthly review on Internet Governance (August 2020) <https://internetgov.news/internet-gov-monthly-brief-august-2020/> <https://internetgov.news/internet-gov-monthly-brief-august-2020/> with some headlines featured below :

* China tech firms face mixed appreciation worldwide;
* USA “clean network plan” criticized;
* EU-US Privacy shield invalidation follow up;
* African Union launched its Audit Recommendations Tracking System;
* Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbean reviews data protection legislations;
* Uncertainty over Brazil’s data law enforcement;
* Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation published standards to enhance cybersecurity;
* Australia released its Cybersecurity Strategy 2020;
* Interpol assessment shows cybercrime increase in Africa;
* Twitter accounts of prominent users hacked;
* UNICEF outlines limitations of remote learning amid COVID-19 outbreak.
* Frontex to introduce biometrics in entry-exit system at land borders.


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