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Dear Arsene and Emmanuel,

My humble opinion on this Internet Governance issue is that there is an
aspect of sovereignity when it comes to country code Top Level Domains that
determines the Policies that guide its operation. It is for this reason
that multistakeholderism based approaches are recommended when it comes to
the Management of Country Code Top Level Domain Registries. Ideally there
should be a local process in which such as issue is debated and 'rough'
consensus obtained as a win win to all stake players in the local Internet
Community. Having said that, i would like to Invite you to Workshop 9 at
the Africa Internet Governance Forum for this and more on ccTLDs and
Internet Governance in Africa from 9 - 10 GMT.

Thank you

Best Regards

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> Hi everyone,


> (apologies for cross-posting)


> I hope you are staying safe and healthy through these unusual times! I

> have a few questions that I was hoping you might be able to help me with.


> There is currently a conversation going on within the Togolese ecosystem

> regarding the attribution of the Country code top-level domain (. TG).

> According to article 4 of the national charter in Togo, the domain names

> ending with the extension. TG can only be assigned if the domain name

> does not correspond to the naming zones retained by the charter (see list

> at the end of the email).




> For example, as a natural person, I cannot have a domain name with my

> name (Emmanuel Vitus) directly like *emmanuelvitus.tg

> <http://emmanuelvitus.tg>*. The charter indicates that such name must be

> assigned with the following extension: *emmanuelvitus.nom.tg

> <http://emmanuelvitus.nom.tg> **(.nom which means name in french must be

> included in the domain name to indicate that I am an individual)* and for

> natural persons, the documents requested are a national ID and a family

> council report (which means the family must agree and give you an

> authorization note before you get the domain name). Otherwise, you will

> not have the domain name.



> Before I address the issue in the local community, I would like to hear

> from you as experts and as a users.




> 1- Do you find that this practice encouraging enough the popularization

> of the ccTLD (.TG)?


> 2- What are the best practices and examples in your country/region

> regarding this?


> Below are the naming zones selected for the “. tg ”



> 1. admin.tg for public administrations;

> 2. asso.tg for associations;

> 3. edu.tg for the education sector;

> 4. gouv.tg for government structures;

> 5. nom.tg for individuals;

> 6. org.tg for international organizations and NGOs;

> 7. tm.tg for trademarks;

> 8. com.tg for entities carrying out an activity of an industrial or

> commercial nature, or any other income-generating activity;

> 9. mairie.tg for municipalities (eg: lome.mairie.tg);

> 10. prefecture.tg for the prefectures (ex: yoto.prefecture.tg);

> 11. ville.tg for cities (ex: kara.ville.tg);

> 12. canton.tg for the county towns (eg: amoutive.canton.tg);

> 13. Info.tg for activities relating to the publication of information;

> 14. Net.tg for network and internet service providers;

> 15. village.tg for villages (eg: edzi.village.tg).


> Only domain names for which the applicant does not correspond to any of

> the categories linked to descriptive extensions above, can be created

> under the extension “. tg ”. The creation of such domain names is expressly

> authorized by the administrative manager.



> Thanks in advance!


> Best regards,


> Emmanuel

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