[AfrICANN-discuss] Internet Governance Weekly Brief (W12Y20): Statements from European Commission, EDPB, BEREC on COVID-19; EU urges streaming platforms to slow down traffic due to COVID-19; Techs platforms to fight COVID-19 disinformation...

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Hi all!
For your documentation, kindly find our weekly web review on Internet Governance<https://internetgov.news/internet-governance-weekly-brief-w12y20-statements-from-european-commission-edpb-berec-on-covid-19-eu-urges-streaming-platforms-to-slow-down-traffic-due-to-covid-19-techs-platforms-to-fight-cov/> with some main titles featured below.




- Statement of the EDPB Chair on the processing of personal data in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak
- Joint Statement from the Commission and the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) on coping with the increased demand for network connectivity due to the Covid-19 pandemic
- Internet under strain from streaming services during COVID-19 crisis: European Commission
- EU on calls streaming platforms to ease pressure on internet capacity
- European Commission: Applications welcome from startups and SMEs with innovative solutions to tackle Coronavirus outbreak
- European mobile operators share data for coronavirus fight
- Major tech platforms say they’re ‘jointly combating fraud and misinformation’ about COVID-19
- COVID-19: Statement - Governments must promote and protect access to and free flow of information during pandemic, say international media freedom experts
- Russia deploying coronavirus disinformation to sow panic in West, EU document says
- Netflix to cut European traffic by 25% due to coronavirus
- Russia central bank calls digital currency circulation ‘unjustified risk’
- Commonwealth tackle elections cybersecurity threat
- New whitepaper: Cybersecurity Awareness in the Commonwealth of Nations
- Apple fined €1.1bn by France over anti-competitive practices
- Digital transformation: EU paves the way for a stronger, more ambitious partnership with Africa
- ITU launches new guidelines to assist countries develop national emergency telecommunication plans
Find Weekly review in full here<https://internetgov.news/internet-governance-weekly-brief-w12y20-statements-from-european-commission-edpb-berec-on-covid-19-eu-urges-streaming-platforms-to-slow-down-traffic-due-to-covid-19-techs-platforms-to-fight-cov/>
Also, our February monthly review available in English<https://internetgov.news/internet-governance-monthly-brief-february-2020/>, Spanish<https://internetgov.news/es/resumen-mensual-de-gobernanza-de-internet-febrero-2020/>, Portuguese<https://internetgov.news/pt/internet-governance-resumo-do-mes-fevereiro-2020/>, Italian<https://internetgov.news/it/sommario-mensile-internet-governance-febbraio-2020/>

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