[AfrICANN-discuss] Internet Gov Weekly Brief (W4Y20) : UN SG warns of “dark side of technology”; UN experts call for investigation on Jeff Bezos’ phone hacking; WEF on Dangers of Digital innovation; Microsoft data breach; Fines for EU privacy breaches reach 114 million.....

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Hi all!
For your documentation, kindly find our weekly web review on Internet Governance<https://internetgov.news/internet-gov-weekly-brief-w4y20-un-sg-warns-of-dark-side-of-technology-un-experts-call-for-investigation-on-jeff-bezos-phone-hacking-wef-on-dangers-of-digital-innovati/> with some main titles featured below.




* The dark side of technology among ‘four horsemen’ threatening our global future, according to UN SG
* UN backing of controversial cybercrime treaty raises suspicions
* “New technologies are creating new digital divides”: UNDESA World Social Report 2020
* World Economic Forum Global Risks Report Highlights Dangers of Digital innovation
* At Davos, UN Broadband Commission advocates for financing inclusive meaningful connectivity for sustainable impact
* France and the US have agreed on a truce regarding a dispute over a French tax on American tech companies.
* Microsoft Leaves 250M Customer Service Records Open to the Web
* Fines for European privacy breaches reach 114 million euros: report
* Glenn Greenwald Charged With Cybercrimes After Embarrassing Officials in Brazil
* The Dubai Financial Services Authority supports National Cybersecurity Strategy by Launching a Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform
* UN experts call for investigation into allegations that Saudi Crown Prince involved in hacking of Jeff Bezos’ phone
* Here Is the Technical Report Suggesting Saudi Arabia’s Prince Hacked Jeff Bezos’ Phone
* IGF 2020 Call For Validation of Thematic Tracks

Read full review here : https://internetgov.news/internet-gov-weekly-brief-w4y20-un-sg-warns-of-dark-side-of-technology-un-experts-call-for-investigation-on-jeff-bezos-phone-hacking-wef-on-dangers-of-digital-innovati/

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